Customer Care: LG Electronics Offers 2 Years Warranty for Products

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Where do you buy your electronics? How well does your electronic provider care for you? Do they display all the rights you are entitled to as their customer?

After buying an electronic, do you ever ask whether it has a warranty? Do you ever find time to go through the terms and conditions provided and how the warranty for the product is administered when you need it?

In most cases, Kenyans don’t read. They don’t even read a receipt after purchasing something such as a TV set. Scarier is the fact that some don’t even ask whether whatever electronic they are buying has a warranty.

The truth is, most brands will not want you to have your warranty, or know the terms and conditions. They often use that to exploit you when you need them, especially when whatever you have bought malfunctions.

LG Electronics has an extended 2- year warranty for its domestic products that include TV’s, REF, WM & dryers, MW, VC, Audio, and RAC products.

Within the period of the two years, if the product malfunctions or needs attention, provided not caused by you, it will be taken care of.

The 2-year-warranty gives you as the customer of LG products to enjoy without worrying about repair costs during that period. This also saves you the cash you need to invest in other projects.

It is important to note that, not all electronics have a warranty.

It is advisable to buy electronics such as television sets, microwaves such as SolarDom, fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners from genuine and verified sellers and always make sure that you have your warranty card duly filled.

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