OPPO joins LF AI & Data Foundation to Promote Open Source for a Sustainable Ecosystem

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The LF AI & Data Foundation supports open source projects within artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and the data space.

To accelerate the innovation and adoption of AI technology, global smart device brand OPPO has joined the LF AI & Data Foundation governance board as a premier member.

 LF AI & Data Foundation members will make significant contributions by promoting strong open-source AI and data communities.

Established by the Linux Foundation in March 2018, the LF AI & Data Foundation consists of 49 members across several industries.

The mission of the foundation is to build and support an open AI and Data community and drive open source innovation in the domains including AI, ML, and Data by enabling collaboration and the creation of new opportunities for all the members of the community.

Moving towards our mission of “Technology for mankind, Kindness for the world”, OPPO strives to create an open ecosystem where developers and partners enable and enrich each other in the era of the Internet of Experience.

By doing so attracts like-minded partners such as LF AI & Data Foundation. For years, OPPO has been continuously investing in artificial intelligence and data technology.

OPPO’sAI & Data Engineering System delivers better services to users and developers across the globe through exploration and development in these core technologies such as conversational AI, machine learning, personalized recommendation algorithms, cloud and data services, and security and privacy.

By joining the LF AI & Data Foundation, OPPO’s experienced technologistsLiam Zheng and Dr Jia Jimin will respectively serve as the representative of the governing board and the representative of the technical advisory council, working closely with other LF AI & Data’s members to find out the best practices for using open source tools in production.

“We are pleased to welcome OPPO as a premier member on our governing board.

They will have a voting seat on all of our foundation level committees,” said Dr. Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director at LF AI & Data Foundation.

“We support opensource development and the creation of a sustainable ecosystem that makes integration with opensource AI and data technologies both easier and more reliable.

OPPO realizes the importance of this effort and is working hard to foster a healthy ecosystem. We are thrilled that OPPO has strategically joined us at the highest membership level to drive innovation in the community and support our hosted technical projects.”

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