Kenya to Launch IVRS Platform to Track Huduma Namba Cards

According to the Government Spokesperson, the roll out of the Huduma Namba cards has continued in all the counties uninterrupted.

In a bid to expedite the distribution and collection of Huduma Namba cards, the Kenyan government will launch an Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS) for its citizens.

According to the Government Spokesperson, the rollout of the Huduma Namba cards has continued in all the counties uninterrupted. 

Out of the 5.3 million cards produced, 3 million have been distributed.

“This is a concern because these cards belong to us. Kenyans receive messages notifying us about the readiness of our cards to be collected but many times we do not respond to the notifications,” Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said.

“To track the progress of your Huduma Number card, there will soon be a portal and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to help in that regard,” the Government Spokesperson said via the official Twitter feed.

The office further stated that citizens who had applied for the Huduma Card will receive two SMS notifications informing them the card is ready for collection.

The first message will have a link, that once opened will prompt you to choose your preferred point of collection of the Huduma Card. 

“The second message will notify you that the card is ready for collection and where to collect based on the choice you made when you opened the link on the first message.”

Kenya’s National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS), popularly known as Huduma Namba, is expected to be the ‘single source of truth’ on a person’s identity.

The database will contain information of all Kenyan citizens and foreign nationals residing in Kenya and will serve as a reference point for ease of service delivery to the people of Kenya and the people in Kenya.