Abojani Offers Free Masterclass on Investing in the US Markets

Renaissance Capital, a leading emerging and frontier markets investment bank, held its 12th Annual Pan-Africa Investor Conference on 7-10 September 2021.

Abojani Investment, a Nairobi based, diversified digital-first personal finance company, is offering a free masterclass on investing in offshore shares.

The virtual training scheduled for Saturday, the 19th of June from 3 pm East African Time will host Kenyan-born US Based financial educator Peter Njoroge.

In the webinar, Kenyans interested in diversifying their investment portfolios in the US market will get an opportunity to learn how to get started in a layperson’s language.

“This is a very special day for Kenyans who want to invest in US dollars and companies that are changing the world and taking advantage of the momentum from the shift in the way we operate in the Covid-19 pandemic era,” Robert Ochieng, CEO, Abojani Investment.

“I am personally excited about the opportunity that this free session presents to Kenyan investors as currently, we are consumers of products from US-listed companies such as Jumia, Facebook and Zoom but not investors,” he adds.

Abojani Offers Free Masterclass on Investing in the US Markets

Peter Njoroge is the CEO and founder of PeteandPete Investors – an Online Community of Investors whose mission is to have everyone, regardless of income or net worth, the opportunity to invest and be successful.

In his community, there are over 300 Kenyans and East Africans investing in the US stock market through instruments such as shares, futures and options.

Peter’s passion for money management is inspired by Larry Burkett – an American radio personality whose work focused on financial counselling from a Christian point of view. 

Investing in offshore shares allows investing to hedge against risks that may be present in their own countries and to live in their generation by taking advantage of opportunities from foreign markets. It helps investors from being just consumers of products such as WhatsApp to become both consumers and investors. 

“Everyone-regardless of their income or net worth has the opportunity to invest and be successful. You are entrusted to plan effectively for your family’s financial future and be a good steward of your money. Let us build the next generation,” says Peter.

Started by ex-banker and techpreneur, Robert Ochieng, Abojani Investment has conducted over 360 online investment classes for resident and diaspora East Africans since 2018, helping them gain the much needed financial education to improve their livelihoods.

To register for the free session, click here https://scp.ke/sur 

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