Boxing: Floyd Mayweather fails to knockout Paul Logan in exhibition fight

Floyd Mayweather failed to knockout Paul Logan in their exhibition fight in Miami.
  • Floyd Mayweather failed to knock out Logan Paul as their exhibition fight in Miami went the full eight rounds
  • Mayweather bossed the fight from start to finish but could not land that all-important knockout blow
  • The YouTuber-turned-boxer put in a competitive performance in Miami but labored to land any significant punches on the former pound-for-pound champion

Floyd Mayweather failed to knockout Paul Logan in their exhibition fight in Miami.

The former pound-for-pound champion battled with the YouTuber-turned-boxer in an exhibition fight in Miami.

The fight, that had neither judges nor a scorecard, went the full eight rounds much to the dismay of fans watching live and on pay-per-view.

With fans expecting a bloodbath and a knockout, what the fight presented was a rather subtle performance.

With this event classed as an exhibition, there were no judges ringside yet if there had been, Mayweather would have run out an easy winner.

Time and time again, Mayweather sucked in his opponent before making him pay.

Mayweather, who weighed in at 155 lbs with his opponent tipping the scales at 189.5 lbs, skipped around in the opening exchanges, trying to lull his younger opponent into engaging before delivering a jab which rocked Paul’s head back.

Paul enjoyed some success towards the end of the first, a flurry of punches forcing Mayweather to frantically defend, something the Michigan native forged his career on.

By the third round, Paul looked fatigued as Mayweather began to pick him off with blows to the body before a left hook smashed through some non-existent defence.

As the bout wore on, Mayweather’s superiority was clear for all to see.

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