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Yves Cuypers to Head Equity Group’s Central, Southern Africa Region Office

Equity Group Plc has created a subcontinent office for Central and Southern Africa under a regional director as it seeks to tap into the expansive market.

The group has appointed Yves Cuypers, formerly with Managing Director of Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC) as the regional director. 

In his new role, Cuypers will focus on establishing the financial services organisation firmly in the region and will support the new Managing director of Equity BCDC in DRC Celestin Mukeba to achieve a smooth transition for the new Equity BCDC subsidiary. 

BCDC has since merged with Equity Bank Congo to form Equity BCDC, the second-largest bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“As we seek to expand our footprint and impact, Yves will play a strong role in our consolidation and delivery of financial services to new markets across Central and Southern Africa,” said Group Managing Director Dr James Mwangi. 

Yves has extensive knowledge and experience of the banking industry from his work with European banks and his tenure as the Managing Director of BCDC for the last 17 years.

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