We are East Africa’s multimedia business platform where you find the latest news from the financial markets including analysis on top business stories, stock markets in East Africa.

Every brand is unique. We value the original vision which enables a brand to hold its own and excel into the future. We believe that every partnership begins with trust and Khusoko’s work thrives on the integrity of the relationships we have with our readers and clients.  

At Khusoko we believe there is no division between strategy and creative – and we refuse to separate them. Our vision is to be a “Trusted & Informative East African  Financial Business Platform.” and our philosophy is to be “Entrepreneurial, Imaginative and Passionate”.


We stand apart for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility, commentary that is informed, independent and fair, and journalism that is rooted in ethical conduct and defined by a sacrosanct bond with the reader.

Khusoko delivers high quality, reliable and valuable information spanning – Technology, Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Banking, and Financial Markets, Entrepreneurship and Arts and Culture.


Khusoko journalists uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional journalism. In our editorial coverage, we seek to be independent, fair, and accurate. We make every effort to verify and check the information we publish and to be transparent about our news sources and how we gather our information.

To make a complaint about our coverage, please contact our head of editorial, Indeje David, at indeje@khusoko.com 

Khusoko journalists and contributors are required to follow the standards laid out in the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism. 


At Khusoko, we do not hesitate to acknowledge mistakes and respond to them when brought to our notice.

Khusoko Fact Check corrects errors as quickly as possible and with high levels of transparency. If the correction is straightforward, we mark the correction within 24 hours of being pointed out. But if the correction involves further investigation or reaching out to people for their reactions, the correction may take up to 72 hours.

We value feedback from our readers, which can be posted in the comments section at the end of every story, video or post. A request for a correction or an update in a story can also be sent to feedback. hallo@khusoko.com 

If a new fact comes to light after a story is published, information that adds substantial new layers or angles but does not alter the rating, it is marked as “Update” at the end of the article.

Letters to the editor: Please send letters to hallo@khusoko.com, and include your postal address and phone number. Letters may be edited for length and clarity and may be published in any medium. All letters become the property of Khusoko.

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Khusoko is the preferred choice for business readers. We believe in free, fair and independent journalism. The journalism practised by Khusoko lays equal stress on quality, credibility, and accuracy.

Readers get in-depth coverage of the corporate sector, banking and finance, markets and business and commentary.
Special focus sections include Technology, Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Banking, and Financial Markets, Entrepreneurship and Arts and Culture.

Improve brand awareness and build market positioning. We tailor our plans to meet your company’s needs Contact information for general and small-space advertising inquiries. info@khusoko.com

Column and contributed article submissions

Khusoko welcomes well-written articles and insightful analysis from marketers and industry experts. Please email info@khusoko.com with a brief description of the contributed article idea.

Contributed articles should be 600 to 700 words in length and a deep dive into the approved topic within the African markets. Short sentences, short paragraphs, and limited use of jargon are appreciated.

The views reflected in the submitted article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent this publication’s opinion. We have no agenda but to present both sides of the story, either in our reporting or commissioned analyses and opinions.

The article should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, with the author’s name, title, company, and email address listed at the bottom.

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