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Equity BCDC Unveils New Identity in DRC

Equity Banque Commercial du Congo (Equity BCDC) has launched its new identity following the successful merger of Equity Bank Congo (EBC) and Banque Commerciale du Congo (BCDC), to form Equity BCDC.

The identity of the new bank reflects the coming together of the oldest and most established bank in DRC and Africa’s fastest-growing, most dynamic bank to shape a future where the people of the DRC will experience the freedom of modern banking.

Former Managing Director of Equity Bank Congo, Celestin Muntuabu said, “Today marks a historic event in our country, when two legendary banks, with diverse strengths, have come together to form a bigger and stronger bank for the Congolese people.”

“The new bank has the capability, talent assembly, experience, and vision to make banking affordable and accessible to every household in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“With our large footprint of 74 branches, and 3,055 agents, we invite all citizens to visit an Equity BCDC branch and they will be able to open a bank account on the spot.

“A bank account is the beginning of a journey towards self-empowerment. With a bank account, every Congolese will be able to save any amount of money as little as 1,000 CDF and be able transact as they need. The bank will be in a position to extend small loans to enable young people and small-scale traders to grow their businesses and their dreams, becoming key players in our economy.”

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