Kenya Edge Closer to Ratifying Trade Pact with the United Kingdom

This is Ksh 5.6 billion higher than the estimates that had been published by the National Treasury.

Kenyan citizens are being invited by Parliament to submit their memoranda on the concluded Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom.

In a public notice issued on Wednesday, National Assembly Clerk Micheal Sialai subjected the economic partnership agreement (EPA) to public participation ahead of its consideration by the House.

The matter has been committed to the Departmental Committee on Trade, Industry and Cooperative is expected to anchor the new trade pact into law.

UK and Kenya sign trade agreement

The trade pact was concluded in December last year after the end of UK’s transition period from the European Union (EU) on December 31.

The UK is among Kenya’s major trading partners worth £1.4 billion in 2019.

Top goods imports to the UK from Kenya last year were in tea, coffee and spices (£121 million); vegetables (£79 million); and live trees and plants, mostly flowers (£54 million). 

The UK market accounts for 43% of total exports of vegetables from Kenya as well as at least 9% of cut flowers, and this agreement will support Kenyans working in these sectors by maintaining tariff-free market access to the UK.