Kenya’s TMX Global Coin Listed as Africa’s Hottest Ventures in Blockchain Technology 

Kenya’s TMX Global Coin Listed as Africa’s Hottest Ventures in Blockchain Technology 

Global logistics cryptocurrency, TMX Global coin has been featured as the most upcoming and efficient Blockchain technology by the Briter Bridges.

Briter Bridges, a data-driven research company, lists companies that are changing the rules of the game in Africa.

TMX Blockchain Logistics uses blockchain technology to enhance cargo logistics business with an objective of reducing costs and increase shipping efficiency.

It integrates information about shipments onto a secure platform accessible to shippers, carriers, freight forwarders

Barely two weeks after the Pre-ICO launch, the Blockchain technology saw a rise in the African Market.

 Speaking during the PRE –ICO launch of the Tmx global coin, the ambassador of Estonia embassy to Kenya, Mrs Kadri Humal, mentioned their support for technology in Kenya including Taxify which is the top competitor against Uber.

Since then, Tmx global coin has registered a 57% increase on investor uptake for the logistic coin setup.

Mrs Nancy Karigithu Permanent Secretary of maritime and shipping affairs in Kenya described the venture as a transparent and evolving process that will contribute highly to the trillions of amounts traded in the shipping industry.

TMX Global coin has its initial partners from Asia and Europe boosting the value chain partnership with Uganda being the leading country in East Africa.

Speaking to the CEO of Tmx Global Mr Anthony Njoroge says “Europe China India and the Middle East are countries that have endorsed and appreciate blockchain technology. East Africa is also catching up.”

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