Fly540 Accuses IATA of ‘bullying’ Says Will Not Pay for Unknown Bills

540 continues operations as normal

Local airline Fly540 has hit back at the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) after being suspended from participating in its automated ticketing system.

IATA did not disclose the reason for suspending the carrier but cited guidelines relating to failure to honour payments owed to agents through the billing and settlement plan.

Fly540 through its official Tweeter feed said IATA’s issues revolve around the bank settlement Plan used by agents to pay.

According to IATA’s December 30 letter, all accredited travel agents were directed to suspend all Fly540 ticketing activities.

The airline noted that it has been out of this system for nearly two years.  “..and refuses to be bullied by IATA to pay bills for services not provided.”

Fly540 added that it continues operations as normal.