Huawei Kenya Commits to Scale Up its Suppliers Delivery Capability

Huawei Kenya Commits to Scale Up its Suppliers Delivery Capability

Technology firm Huawei Technologies Kenya has confirmed plans to invest in capability development programmes which directly impacts Huawei’s growth
and procurement strategy.

Speaking at the firm’s recent annual Supplier Conference and Award Forum, Huawei Kenya Delivery and Service vice president,  Chris Yu said the firm had activated its Delivery Operations Centre in Nairobi to provide project delivery oversight and support for its sub-contractors.

The Delivery Operations Centre provides Contact Centre support to field contractors linked to the recently introduced Smart Helmets.

The firm’s operating partners in Kenya will also access basic and advanced Huawei Certified Training delivered at the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI).

AFRALTI is a Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP) with a mandate to provide Huawei’s certification training programs authorized, supervised and managed by Huawei.

Under this arrangement, AFRALTI offers Huawei certification programmes in the field of data communication.

According to Huawei Southern Africa region Procurement Qualification Department director, Ivan Zhu, the firm, in conjunction with its local subcontractors, will continue pursuing quality service and projects delivery.

 “Huawei encourages all our partners to adopt best industry practices and entrench sustainability in their business strategies. This allows them to mitigate risks and, thereby, enhance efficiency within their operations,” Zhu said.

At the Conference featuring more than 44 local suppliers, Huawei showcased advanced industry solutions and cooperation policies such as 5G, cloud, and enterprise services. The suppliers included engineering service, general service and Logistics Administration service providers.

“Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees, both directly and indirectly, as well as those of our partners, are some of Huawei’s key focus aspects underpinned by mutual adherence to policies,” Chris Yu said. 

The supplier awards were categorized into two. The first was the Outstanding Team Leader Award -,and it was given to 14 outstanding team leaders who led in the delivery of onsite projects and service to Huawei. The second award, dubbed the Outstanding Self-Management Improvement Partner Awards, given 7 organizations, who have showcased impeccable performance and service delivery in 2020.

“I am thankful for the recognition of our hard work together, Huawei presentation on its future and how we can work together to achieve this is an assurance or Huawei's promise of excellence and adding value to both its partners and customer,” As reiterated by one of the organizations that were awarded.

The global tech firm also demonstrated its base transmitting stations (BTS) solutions including Modular, Tube, Smart and Zip sites.

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