Kenya Will Not Retaliate Somalia’s Move to Cut Diplomatic Ties 

Kenya Will Not Retaliate Somalia’s Move to Cut Diplomatic Ties 

Kenya will not cut its ties with Somalia and instead, will set up a team to resolve their diplomatic squabbles, Spokesman Cyrus Oguna said Tuesday.

“We are a higher nation, we cannot do the same thing Somalia has done. If we do so it will look like revenge hence, we will let the IGAD and Comesa take control of it,” Oguna said.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will hold a summit on December 20 in Djibouti.

According to Col. Cyrus Oguna, “As a country, we have been very kind and accommodating because you know even in Daadab (refugee center) we have camps that currently house over 200,000 people from the neighboring country and therefore we have a lot of commonality between these two countries and anything that is capable of undermining that, is, of course, something that efforts must be put in place to ensure it is resolved.”

Kenya’s response follows Somalia’s move to cut ties with it; in what it said is “to safeguard the unity, sovereignty, stability of the country.”

“The Somali government, on the basis of its sovereignty, international law and order, and in fulfillment of its constitutional duty to safeguard the unity, sovereignty and stability of the country, has decided to cut off diplomatic relations with the Government of Kenya,” said Osman Dubbe, Somalia’s information minister on Twitter.

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