Somalia Cites Covid-19 to Suspend Visa-on-Arrival for Kenyans

Kenya: Passport Applications Scaled Down by COVID-19 fears

Somalia has suspended visa-on-arrival for Kenyans in view of the Covid-19 pandemic with effect on 13th December 2020.

This means ordinary passport holders will apply for the travel permit at Somalia’s embassy before departing Nairobi. 

Diplomatic passport holders will be required to have approval from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Government.

“In line with the federal government’s policy of ensuring security, improving migration management and reducing the risks of COVID-19 infections, all Kenyan passport holders travelling to Somalia are obliged to obtain visas from Somali embassies,” Somalia’s immigration authority said in a statement Monday.

“Any traveler with a Kenyan passport that does not adhere to the above policy will be denied entry.”