How to Naturally Ease Menstrual Cramps Using Essential Oils

Managing menstrual cramps with essential oils

Most women experience menstrual cramps before and during their monthly periods. Have you ever considered using essential oils to soothe excruciating pain?

From treating anxiety and honing concentration to better sleeping patterns, essential oils can also ease menstrual cramps.

According to Dr Jane Wakahe, a reproductive and wellness coach, everybody gets periods of pain, but it depends on the degree. She further states that the uterus squeezes itself around the endometrium and cervix to remove a sponge, which comes as periods.

To reduce the pain, she advises women who get painful periods to avoid a lot of salt, sugar, and carbonated drinks because this causes the uterus to become heavy.

I’ve experienced painful monthly periods, and as a result, I took it upon myself to find methods that could help stop the pain.

Taking into account the reasons for painful monthly periods, consider the following essential oils to change your pain.


Research conducted in 2012 shows that women who mix marjoram, sage, lavender, and cream of their choice experience less pain when menstruating. Massaging the mixture on your abdomen during menstrual time reduces the pain. You can make it a habit from the last day of your period to the next one for better results.

Clary sage

According to Dr Josh Axe, a clinical nutritionist, Clary sage can effectively cure food cravings, mood swings, cramps, bloating as well as PMS.  Clary Sage contains elements that stimulate the obstructed system to open and naturally balances the hormone levels. In turn, it regulates the menstrual cycle.


Apart from baking, the sweet spice, when in oil form, helps to reduce menstrual cramps. This happens by stopping uterine contractions. Massaging the oil in the lower abdomen helps lessen bloating and inflammation.

Roman chamomile

In case you didn’t know, two types of chamomile exist now, you know. They include the German chamomile and the Roman chamomile. Because they come from two varying plant species, the two have different chemical compositions. However, both chamomile contains calming properties.

In ancient Egypt, chamomile was used to manage pain, more so the Roman chamomile. To get the much-needed relief, put a few drops in bathing water, and then soak your feet for a calming effect.

It never hurts to find new methods to improve health issues like using essential oils for menstrual cramps. However, in case of extreme pain during menstruation, consult your doctor or physician for treatment.

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