KPL: Clubs differ with FKF plan of management of league

Clubs differ with FKF plan of management of league

Kenya Premier League clubs have rejected a proposal for change of management of the top-flight league.

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has proposed that the league be managed by a committee appointed by the body’s National Executive Council (NEC).

FKF President Nick Mwendwa is said to have previously stated that the new season would be managed by a new legal entity owned by the clubs just as it was previously under the Kenyan Premier League Limited.

However, it now appears that the president has gone back on this agreement and is now proposing that the federation runs the activities of the proposed league through a committee set up by the national council.

Top-tier teams have rejected this proposal and want the federation to fulfill its end of the bargain as promised from the onset.

The dates for the new season have already been released with tentative dates of the weekend of November 21 set for the 2020/21 campaign opener.