KRA Introduces M-Service App to Make Life Easy for Taxpayers

KRA Introduces Mobile App to Make Life Easy for Taxpayers

Mr. Caxton Masudi - Deputy Commissioner Policy & Tax Advisory, Domestic Taxes

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) unveiled a mobile application as part of its efforts to simplify and enable taxpayers to conveniently access tax services.

During the launch of 2020 Taxpayers Month held on 5th October 2020, KRA officially unveiled the mobile application branded KRA M-Service App. 

The App will enhance taxpayers’ compliance by simplifying access to services such as PIN registration and verification, filing of returns, and payment of tax.

This is part of KRA’s tax compliance strategy to ensure that all eligible taxpayers pay their taxes.

“The Application will enable taxpayers to access KRA services on the go, subsequently enhancing compliance,” said KRA Deputy Commissioner Policy and Tax Advisory Domestic Taxes Department Mr. Caxton Masudi.

KRA will progressively introduce new functionalities to the App including the following: Swahili version of the App; USDD development; USDD version with Domestic Taxes Department services.

The M-service App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and will be available on the App Store (iOS) early 2021.