Absa Bank Joins Kenya Green Building Society

Absa Bank Becomes First Bank To Join Kenya Green Building Society

Jane Waiyaki-Maina - Head of Sustainability and Responsible Business Partnerships, Absa Bank Kenya Receives a certificate of recognition from Elizabeth Wangeci Chege - Chairperson, Kenya Green Building Society in recognition of their commitment to sustainable banking and business operation.

Absa Bank Kenya PLC has been recognized as the first bank in Kenya to join the Kenya Green Building Society (KGBS) as a champion for initiatives that promote the green economy by reducing pollution and improving people’s lives.

The bank has invested KSh34 million in retrofitting all its facilities to become water and energy-efficient. This will reduce its carbon footprint while bringing down energy costs by up to 30 percent or KSh20 million annually.

“We have replaced all our water dispensers with eco-friendly ones, helping us reduce plastic within our working environment and therefore reduce our carbon footprint in relation to plastic use by 56 percent,” said Jane Waiyaki, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Business Partnerships, Absa Bank.

“In partnership with Kenya Green Building Society, all our buildings – comprising 85 facilities – have been assessed for efficiency in terms of energy, water, and building materials, using the IFC Edge tool,” Waiyaki added.

“The Kenya Green Building Society is an organization that advocates for, educates and certifies green buildings. Having Absa Bank join us as the first bank in Kenya is a great feat that others should follow,” KGBS Chairperson Elizabeth Wangeci Chege.

The objectives of green buildings include reducing the overall impact of the built environment on human health, the natural environment, and the effects of climate change. This is achieved through the efficient use of energy, water, and other resources, protecting occupants’ health and improving their productivity as well as reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.