Somali’s Daauus Eye Kenyan Market

Somali’s Daauus Eye Kenyan Market

The team at Daauus Advertising Agency.

Daauus, a top tier Somali creative advertising and communications agency, is looking to expand its presence in Kenya by setting up an office in the country.

According to the company, their entry into the Kenyan will focus on Somali(a) related network of business. 

“As you know, Kenya has been the second home for Somalis. And Many international institutions operate from their Nairobi offices,” says Mohamed Bashir Osman, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Daauus Advertising Agency.

“We have been serving our Kenya based clients for the last four years from Mogadishu. Now is the time to invest in Kenya’s market to bring our service closer to our clients,” he adds.

Dauus which means ‘peacock’ in Somali, for the past five years since 2015, has been recognized for utilizing its expertise in providing dynamic design, brand management, and cross-media marketing services to advance development efforts in Somalia.

“So we want to take the opportunity to bring our Somali expertise to Kenya, as the Somalis feel sometimes not well understood by creative agencies in Kenya, due to cultural differences and the Somali consumer behaviour. This is where we are trying to fill the gap,” says Osman.