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Kenya Plans 2nd Phase of Huduma Namba Registration for Citizens

Why Huduma Namba Will Still Exclude Millions of Kenyans

Kenya’s Interior Ministry says it will roll out the second phase of the National Integrated Information Management System (NIIMS), popularly known as Huduma Namba.

NIIMS is intended to be a single repository of personal information of all Kenyans as well as foreign resident in Kenya.

Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Karanja Kibicho said the process will commence once the production of the third generation Huduma Namba cards begins at the end of the year.

“After we have done preliminary printing, we have been directed to conduct the second mass registration. After that people will have to be walking to the Registrar of Persons’ office in future,” Kibicho told the National Assembly Committee Delegated Legislation Committee on the status of the program Wednesday.

According to Kibicho, 38 million Kenyan’s data was captured at the conclusion of phase one in 2019.

“Of all adults who took part in the initial mass registration, all the data has been merged and cleaned up, we have created a data centre which is complete and ready,” he said.

“Everybody will have an opportunity through either the mass registration session two or themselves walking to the registrar of persons in future if they also miss out because this will be a continuous process to eternity,” he said.

“All the data of those who took part in Huduma Namba has been merged and cleaned up, we have created a state of the art data center.”


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