Joy Kendi Unveils ‘Itikadi X Joy Kendi’ Debut Lounge-Wear

Joy Kendi Unveils ‘Itikadi X Joy Kendi’ Debut Lounge-Wear

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Kenyan lifestyle blogger Joy Kendi is building her own fashion line.

The award-winning fashion blogger has collaborated with Itikadi, a contemporary fashion brand inspired by art and culture to debut the fashion line dubbed ‘Itikadi X Joy Kendi’.

“This collaboration centered on a lounge-wear look that is versatile in all ways, from an indoor chilled look to outdoor practicality.  The main inspiration was comfort, this is not only on the quality but on the detailing which references the need to be comfortable in who we are,” Itakadi says on its online platform.

The new line features four pieces of Kimonos and palazzo pants.

“Paired together and at home, they say comfort, with the right accessories and styling it can scream “issa vibe”. Can be worn together or separately,” says Kendi.

Joy Kendi Unveils ‘Itikadi X Joy Kendi’ Debut Lounge-Wear

She adds that the prints on the bottom of the palazzos represent the African woman and depict the different shades of skin and ‘being comfortable in our skins, which plays into the whole comfort element of the collection”.

The palazzo set comes in a “Sand brown” and a “Light gray” shade.

Through her Instagram, She revealed that “This collaboration came to be while having a candid discussion with James (Itikadi) about how the past few months has taught me and other women, how owning anything beautiful and cozy for the house is a myth and now perfect for Zoom meeting or simply wanting to feel like yourself while being in the house for days on end.

A little something that can transition from home to brunch, to the supermarket, or even simple drinks with friends.”

Itikadi echoes by describing Joy’s pieces as, “Versatile and creative”. 

“Simple, effortless, and Versatile. Add to that the custom print which is an ode to our different shades and the recognition that comfort matters not only in what we wear but in who we are.”