Equity Bank Announces Ksh 2Bn Scholarships for Students to Study in Global Universities

1,410 Wings to Fly scholars attain university qualifying grades representing a university transition rate of 86%, the highest in 5 years.

Wings To Fly Commissioning - 2020

  • This year’s admission is the largest single-year cohort
  • 633 scholars have so far gained admission to global universities under the ELP

Equity bank through its Equity Leadership Program (ELP) is offering USD 18,856,327 (Ksh 2 billion) scholarships to 92 scholars to global universities.

Making the announcement, Equity says they comprise Wings to Fly alumni beneficiaries as well as those who topped the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

They will join forty-three (43) institutions across five continents in different countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Mauritius, Rwanda and South Africa.

They will also receive KSh16 million stipend to facilitate their preparation and travel to their host countries. 


Of the 92, 19 scholars have been admitted to Ivy League Universities in the United States including Yale (2), Harvard (4), University of Pennsylvania (3), Princeton (3), Cornell (1), Dartmouth (2), Columbia (2) and Brown (2).

“We have equipped our ELP scholars with the knowledge and skills to navigate new cultures and to thrive in any environment they are placed in,” said Equity Group Foundation (EGF) executive chairman James Mwangi.

“We challenge them to go and conquer the world by excelling in their academics and taking up key leadership roles and contributing to changing narratives about Africa as well as transforming lives.”

ELP provides a paid internship to top-performing secondary school scholars including Wings to Fly alumni beneficiaries. 

The program aims to educate and provide mentorship and exposure to Kenyan youth, creating a generation of value-based leaders, who bring about positive change in the community by driving sustainable economic growth and social progress in Kenya and globally.