Court Allows Brookhouse School to Charge Full Virtual Learning Fees

All Kenyan Schools to Reopen on January 4

The Kenyan High Court High Court on Thursday allowed Brookhouse School to charge 100 percent of full virtual learning fees for children.

The matter relates to a petition from parents seeking to have a 30 percent waiver from the fee schedule issued to them.

According to Justice Weldon Korir, it is the market that dictates the cost of a product or service.

“It is noted that the studies offered by the school are pegged on an international system of education which had not been suspended at the time the Kenyan schools were closed. The school had a contractual obligation to prepare the children for examinations,” he said.

However, the court faulted the school for not allowing parents to form a Parents Teachers Association (PTA).

“The petitioners cannot claim that they were frustrated by Brookhouse for over seven years and did nothing about it. On the other hand, the School has not shown why it has not complied with this statutory imperative. Be that as it may, it is now time for the School and the parents to establish a parents’ association as required by the law,” a section of the ruling reads.

“The establishment of a parent’s and teachers’ association as per Section 55(3) of the Basic Education Act is the responsibility of the school.”

As a result, parents were directed to establish the association not later than 120 days from September 3.