Over 5,000 Taxi Drivers Rush to Register with Catch Taxi Ahead of Launch in Kenya

Car owners and taxi drivers have begun registering on the Catch Taxi platform

Car owners and taxi drivers have begun registering on the Catch Taxi platform, the latest entrant into Kenya’s ride-hailing market.  

The company is set to launch in Kenya after a successful entry into Ethiopia and hopes to curve a niche in Nairobi and other urban centres.

Catch Taxi management says it has developed a homegrown ride-hailing Super App to take on players including Uber, Little Cab and Bolt, among others.

The company is operated and owned by Africans and brings enhanced experience for riders and taxi drivers with safety, comfort and efficiency being its hallmarks.

Catch Taxi has opened registration of taxi drivers ahead of its launch in Nairobi, which is considered a hub for ride-hailing services before expanding to other towns. Close to 5,000 drivers have so far registered, according to the management.

It is banking on fair pricing and lower commissions to attract riders and taxi drivers, coming at a time when existing players are offering unsustainable commission rates that leave taxi drivers earning less.

Another attraction is Catch Taxi’s affiliate program that enables taxi drivers to earn from referrals of other taxi drivers and riders. An active driver can earn up to Ksh20,000 a month.

Additionally, Catch Taxi has an edge over the other apps.

“The Catch Taxi driver app provides an in-app wallet for the taxi drivers allowing immediate withdrawal of cash through M-Pesa on card transactions,” says to Catch Taxi founder and CEO Naffie Omar, something other apps are not currently offering.

Joining the Catch Taxi as a driver is a simple process. Key requirements include driver’s profile image, National ID, police clearance certificate, driving license, NTSA PSV badge as well as vehicle NTSA inspection sticker/report, PSV insurance and vehicle’s back photo.