Norfolk Hotel Reverses Decision to Layoff  all Workers

Norfolk Hotel Reverses Decision to Layoff  all Workers

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has withdrawn its decision to fire all its staff and close it’s Fairmont The Norfolk in Nairobi and Mara Safari Club indefinitely to be able to engage stakeholders.

In its Thursday memo, the hotel’s management reviewed its earlier May 27 decision after a consultative meeting held with the Workers Committee Management and the Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, and Hospital Workers (KUDHEIHA).

“We would like to reiterate that the owners, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and subsequently Accor Hotels are very committed towards the health, safety and well being of the employees,” read part of the new memo.

“To this end, the Management has withdrawn the said memo as we continue with consultative meetings with all stakeholders until an agreement is reached.”

The government through the Solicitor General had raised concerns over the decision  to sack workers, saying it breached an earlier agreement where employees were to receive half pay for the months of April and May.

“This matter is of public importance and great concern to the government and in view of the Attorney General’s mandate to promote, protect, and uphold the rule of law and defend public interest, this office should be very grateful if you would provide it with clarification regarding the said media reports and complaints from employees including on the veracity thereof and justification for taking such action, if this is the case,” Solicitor General Ken Ogeto said in a letter dated May 29 addressed to the Country General Manager, Mehdi Morad.

“This is, therefore, a matter of profound public interest, in respect of which this office demands a response,” he added.

However, according to Mehdi, the decision to close the facilities had been informed due to the uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.