Zambia to Close its Nakonde Border with Tanzania

Zambia to Close it Nakonde Border

Zambia is set to close its border to Tanzania on Monday in a move meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Zambia witnessed a spike in confirmed cases positive of Covid-19 over the weekend.

On Saturday, the country reported 85 recorded cases with three people succumbing to the virus. Of the recorded cases, 76 were at Nakonde town – the border town with Tunduma town in Tanzania.

On Sunday, 15 new cases were reported after 250 people were tested.

In a statement, Zambia Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya said that the country will be temporarily closing the Nakonde border.

No traffic will be allowed in or out of the district.

The temporary closure is meant to facilitate the retraining of health personnel and hasten the screening and testing in Nakonde.

Last week, Zambia President Edgar Lungu announced that the country would be opening various business sectors to help cushion the economy that has been adversely hit since March 18 when the Govt announced their closure.

Zambia set to close border with Tanzania
President Lungu had ordered the closing of businesses back in March due to the coronavirus pandemic

President Lungu asked the business companies to establish ways of operations while still maintaining the laid down health and safety measures.

Zambia has recorded 267 coronavirus cases, seven deaths and 117 recoveries.