LaLiga’s Plan on Football Resumption

LaLiga Sides told they can resume training

  • LaLiga has a plan for football resumption
  • A special report has been sent out to all clubs
  • Mass testing of players and coaches began this week

LaLiga has launched a comprehensive plan that will see football resumption hopefully by mid-June.

Spanish Football will soon be back as LaLiga has unveiled a comprehensive plan that will see the games back by middle of June.

The plan involves a four-step plan that will see the games back.

It involves players wearing masks, disinfecting of balls for training, three players sharing a dressing room and having squads living together in reserved hotels and houses.

The task of testing clubs in the top two divisions began this week as part of the league’s operation to restart the season in the middle of June.

In a bid to make training environments as safe for players as possible, LaLiga has sent out a detailed 24-page special report advising on training protocol.  

The report also dictates that clubs are required to test players for the coronavirus before they resume training.

LaLiga's plan to resume games
Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone wears gloves as he arrives for testing on Wednesday 
LaLiga plans to resume
LaLiga president Javier Tebas has revealed plans for a resumption of the season next month

Phase One: Testing of Players and Staff

LaLiga requires that all players and technical staff of all the 20 top-flight clubs have to tested for the coronavirus.

The testing of players and managers began earlier this week.

Phas Two: Solitary Training

The Football management has insisted that all clubs will have to make arrangements that the players train alone or in small groups of three to five.

This will ensure that the players have minimal contact with others.

If players test positive when squads are training together then it will be more of a problem but at this stage before players have even started solitary training there will be no panic.

Phase Three: Small Group training

Clubs that have the facilities have been told to use three different dressing rooms for their groups of eight meaning that there are never more than three players in any one dressing room at the same time. 

Dressing rooms will be disinfected after every session before the next group of eight players come in. Maintaining the training grounds are ventilated is emphasised and where possible doors should be left open to limit the number of times door handles have to be touched.

LaLiga has sent a 24-page protocol to the 20 clubs. It is extremely detailed right down to recommending hand washing every hour and instructing clubs to put soap dispensers throughout their facilities.

Phase Four: Full Squad Training

The most crucial stage because a positive test for coronavirus coming after this point could be potentially ruinous for plans to kick-off the season again in June.

The players will then begin training with the rest of the squad, however, shoving or body touching will have to be minimized completely.