Kenya Concerned About Rising Covid-19 Cases in Tanzania and Somalia

Kenya Concerned About Rising Covid-19 Cases in Tanzania and Somalia

The Kenyan Government said on Wednesday it was concerned about the increasing number of confirmed Covid -19 cases in Tanzania and Somalia.

The Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said the two have witnessed significant surge numbers.

“This past week alone, we have seen significant changes in infections in our own neighborhood. Covid-19 cases in Somalia have multiplied nine-fold in a single week from 26 cases from April 13 to 237 by yesterday,” Kagwe said.

Cases in Tanzania have increased seven times from 32 to 254 during the same period.

“These developments should concern us. They might translate into a frightening reality for the Horn of Africa,” says Kagwe.

Analysts from Tellimer, a London headquartered developing markets financial institution, describes Tanzania as ‘the highest-risk country in East Africa’ and they expect the situation to worsen with the current policy (or lack of it) proving counter-productive.

Faith Mwangi, Equity Research Analyst, Financials (East Africa) Tellimer Research says Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have taken significant measures to combat Covid-19, with the last two of those having apparently managed to flatten their curves.

However, ”Tanzania, though, has not implemented curfews or lockdowns, or even tweaked monetary policy, with the president stating that Covid-19 should not stop the country from working as normal.”

“We believe Tanzania might be following the path trodden by the authorities in Spain and Italy, which implemented Covid-19 measures when the disease had already begun to ravage the countries,” she adds.

On Wednesday, Kenya’s coronavirus cases stood at 303, with 14 deaths and 83 recoveries reported.

In Uganda, according to the Daily Monitor, Uganda now has 16 active cases after reporting 45 recoveries.

Tanzania on the other hand, its numbers soared to 284 after 30 more people tested positive.

On Tuesday, Rwanda 84 recoveries against 66 of active cases.

Ethiopia has 116 confirmed cases.