Premier League and EFL players ENRAGED

  • Players in English football may be called on to play THREE matches in FIVE days
  • All football is on hold till April 30 due to the coronavirus

Footballers in England are furious with the possibility of being floated of them playing in a crunch schedule to see off the season.

Clubs have been warned that they may face the possibility of playing up to three matches in five days in an attempt to wind up the season.

June 30 is said to be the date set to have the 2019/20 season completed to avoid contractual and legal complications.

Chelsea Players out of contract in June
Pedro and Willian are among a host of Premier League stars who are out of contract on June 30

Should the season be resumed, the games will have to be played behind closed doors, an idea that most clubs are not happy with.

The players had expressed their concern about the resumption of the season amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The players have reservations about returning to action while the pandemic continues to affect thousands of people around the world.

With the possibility of having to play in a grueling schedule of fixtures, the players are concerned that they may be plagued with fitness and injury issues.

Premier League Managers Ole Gunnar (United) and Pearson (Watford FC) at a previous fixture
Managers will have a daunting task to oversee their players’ fitness and injury risk

One source at a Championship club said: ‘The scheduling is what it is, and everyone will be in the same boat. But it plays into the hands of those clubs who have deeper squads.’

While all these will be clear when the Premier League chiefs meet on April 3, the possibility of having the season resumed is in a huge way being ‘pushed’ by the Premier League desire to fulfil the obligations of their £3billion TV deal.

Premier League trophy
The Premier League is a major financial investment for many TV broadcasters