Global Air-Conditioning Firm Expands in Kenya

Daikin Industries, an airconditioning systems manufacturer, will finally be expanding in Kenya as part of its global strategy.

Daikin Industries, the world’s largest maker of air conditioning equipment, has entered the Kenya market, part of its expansion in Africa

The company is expected to cement its roots in Kenya at the start of March 2020, giving Kenya a share of more than 100 production base units that the company prides off in its day-to-day activities that have seen in spread wings to about 208 subsidiaries around the world.

“As the world’s manufacturer that develops a long line of products, from refrigeration products to air-conditioners, Daikin advocates comfortable living on the strength of advanced technologies. Daikin is committed to delivering air-conditioning solutions that enhance the quality of life all around the world,” the company said in its latest publication.

According to the Managing Director and CEO of Daikin Air, Mr. Kanwal Jeet Jawa, the company has established a strong after-sales service to guarantee customers of the quality that Daikin products have been known for, for almost a century.

Kanwal Jeet Jawa says that the entry of the company into the Kenyan market is set to offer an opportunity for partnership that would result to both creation of jobs and wealth along the businesses’ value chain that would comprise distribution of the Daikin products, after-sale services as well as training of both customers and direct handlers of the products.

“These services would be provided by our partners who act as our extended arms. We’ll value add to our partners by investing in them through upgrading their skills both technically as well as in soft skills,” said Mr. Jawa.

“In Kenya, we intend to make our products available first in major towns such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and spread to other parts of the country.”

Daikin has employed more than 75,000 people across the world and who are spread across their 90 production base units, as well as 208 consolidated subsidiaries.

The company has long-established roots in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Latin America.

Energy Conservation


The world is moving towards the adoption of smart cities. In developed nations, the dream of smart cities has long been realized. In Africa, the majority of the cities are still at an infantry stage. Kenya is already in the process of making Nairobi a smart city through the adoption of new technologies, especially in the construction sector.

A key characteristic of a smart city is energy conservation. This comes with the use of electronics and equipment that are not only friendly to the environment but efficient in conserving energy. This includes and not limited to electronics that use less energy and do not emit heat or chemicals that might worsen the triggering of the already visible effects of climate change.

Given that Kenyans are increasingly becoming conscious about energy conservation with most preferring products that are energy-efficient, which is a key aspect for Daikin products, the center is set to shift in the construction sector, therefore, transforming the residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

“This is evident from the high star ratings that we have received from EPRA for our products,” said the CEO in a statement. 

Currently, manufacturers of electronics are required to rate the energy consumption of products being sold in the market “to enable buyers to make the right decision”, in EPRA’s rallying call for efficient electricity use.

The launch of Daikin’s products in Kenya comes at a time when the Kenyan government has committed to renewable energy generation. This coupled with the UNEP office in Nairobi feeds into Daikin’s key targets of energy efficiency and conservation.

“We feel that we have an opportunity to be part of this, and to contribute to this positively, hence we are here,” says the CEO.

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