List of 17 Unga Brands that Contain Aflatoxin – KEBS

List of 17 Unga Brands that Contain Aflatoxin - KEBS

A meal at a food outlet Photo _ Davies Kinanga

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS)  has warned the public against the consumption of some brands of maize flour. On Thursday it recalled 17 maize meal brands containing high levels of aflatoxin.

“While conducting its mandate of Market Surveillance, KEBS has tested maize meal brands and has fond some of them to contain levels of aflatoxins higher than the requirement of the relevant Kenyan Standard making them unsafe for human consumption,” said KEBS in a statement.

The brands include African King, Unique, MLO, City Corn, Sarafina, Tosha, Shiba, Hakika Best, Budget, Wema, Jomba, Adardere Mupa, Afya, Uzima, Sungura, Dola (Kitui Flour Mills) and Tetema.

The standards body has, therefore, directed, called on all supermarkets to pull the alleged products from their shelves.

Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring toxin produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus.