EABL Launches Red Star Vodka Brand in Kenya

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has introduced the Red Star Vodka, fifth to be launched by the company this year.

The brewer said its launch is aimed at keeping the promise of KBL to continually satisfy its clientele in the expansion of variety of drinks to be enjoyed during celebrations,”

“The initiation of Red Star in the is driven by the company’s commitment to continually innovate at scale in order to provide consumers more options in their drinks repertoire and expand their experience within the alcoholic-beverage market,” said EABL’s Head of Innovations Joyce Kibe said during the launch.

The new drink is available in the market in 250ml and 750ml glass bottles. It will retail at a recommended retail price (RRP) of Ksh. 250 and Ksh. 670 respectively.

“We believe Red Star caters to this need and provides an exciting new option in the vodka category,” said Ms. Kibe.

Red Star vodka will expand the products that KBL has in Kenya with the introduction of Tusker Premium Ale, Sikera Premium Apple Cider, Hop House 13, and Guinness Smooth.

KBL’s business direction continues to make products increasingly accessible and relevant to this market category.

With constant evolving profiles of this market category through tastes and preferences, KBL has continued to leverage this valuable insight to guide their innovations agenda across multiple alcohol-beverage categories.