Nyandarua County to Host CA’s Kikao Kikuu Public Forum on ICT for Socio-Economic Development

David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.
Nyandarua County to Host CA’s Kikao Kikuu Public Forum on ICT for Socio-Economic Development

Communications Authority staff distributing reading materials to the citizens of Nyandarua County ahead of the Kikao Kikuu forum

The Nyandarua County Government in partnership with the Communication Authority will host its County ICT Consumer Forum in Ol Kalau on Thursday  7 Nov. 2019.

The forums dubbed ‘Kikao Kikuu’ provides a platform for the public to learn and interact with the authority and other stakeholders on ICT matters.

They also empower consumers on their rights and responsibilities within the sector.  The forum’s theme is ‘leveraging on ICTS for social-economic development’.

The regulator whose mandate is facilitating the development of the information and communications sectors including; broadcasting, cybersecurity, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services, uses Kikao Kikuu forums to create a sustainable link that promotes value in the way consumers interact with systems and processes.

In addition, it helps to bridge the gaps between the policy and legal framework by deepening the awareness and building individual capacity.

CA is charged with safeguarding the interests of consumers of ICT services. This is achieved through the enforcement of consumer regulations as well as educating users of these services on their rights and responsibilities.

In the past, it has carried out consumer education outreach program targeting users of mobile and internet services (“Chukua Hatua: Pata Huduma ya Mawasiliano Unayostahili”), Postal Courier Consumers (Kaa Macho), SIM Card Registration (Pata Ukweli wa Mtambo), Number Portability (Namba Yangu Milele) and Child Online Protection.

According to Kenya’s Digital Economy Blueprint, digital skills are a prerequisite for benefiting from any technology, across all sectors of the economy, and at all levels of the skills spectrum. 

“Digital skills will enable every Kenyan to have access to digital technology, having the literacy and know-how to use this technology, and being able to participate in and create with this technology,” reads part of the digital skills pillar that is focused on developing digital skills for its citizens [Mostly ICT professionals] to meet the competencies and expertise required for the digital economy.

The Blueprint identifies the five pillars of the digital economy, that are described under the headings, Digital Government, Digital Business, Infrastructure, Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship, and Digital Skills and Values.

ICT Status in Nyandarua County

Data from the CA shows that the county with an estimated population of 638,289 (latest from the National Population and Housing 2019 Census), 99% of the population is covered by the 2G network, 66% covered by 3G.

Further, 76.7% of the population are able to receive broadcast signals.

The entire county has 11 post office offices. 

ICT Status in Nyandarua County
Ownership of ICT equipment in Nyandarua County

The region has adequate fibre network provided by Liquid Telcom, the National Fibre Broadband Infrastructure (NOFBI) phase 1, and the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited which have helped to ease communication across counties as well as improve government service delivery to the citizens such as application of national identity cards, passports and registration of birth and death certificates. 

The Communications Authority through the Education Broadband Connectivity Project, part of the universal service fund to improve education through digital learning,  has been able to provide Internet connectivity to five schools in various sub-counties.

The schools include:

Shamata GirlsNyandarua North
Njabini BoysKinangop
Mt. Kinangop GirlsKinangop
Karima GirlsNyandarua South
MagomanoNyandarua South

The county’s ICT and E-government department vision is to be the provider of ICT strategies and services that deliver long term economic and social benefits within the County.

David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.

In my role as Community Engagement Editor For Khusoko, I care about our audience. engaging them, getting news delivered to them across a variety of platforms, and expanding the diversity of voices on our website.

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