Estonian Logistics Unveils App to Ease Tracking of Cargo for Kenyan Shippers

David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.
tai+ mobile App

TAI+ is a Web and mobile app-based marketplace that connects truckers and cargo shippers directly and in real time.

Tai+, an Estonia-based logistics start-up, has launched its online business in Kenya that will enable truckers to connect directly and in real-time with cargo shippers.

The platform will provide cargo owners with a marketplace where customers who are seeking reliable cargo transporters will be linked to transporters seeking consistent cargo.

“This will also enable business owners to be able to access data analytics that help them make the best decisions for their business,” Tai+ chief executive Rait Raal said.

Raal described Tai+ as an application that will “Totally disrupt the digital space by creating an opportunity for the logistics industry to address perennial cargo transportation challenges.” 

The challenges in the industry range from real-time information sharing, need for return cargo, demand for transport services as well as provide regular cargo. 

“We are here to set global logistics standards by making cargo transportation business simpler, more reliable and give the customer more control on meeting the cargo needs,” he said.

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In Kenya, the logistics industry has faced several disruptions emanating from both the regulatory and digital environments locally and globally. These trends have further been compounded by dynamism in customer demands for more information and control on services they consume without the need for multiple intermediaries.

 He said the ongoing expansion process at the Port of Mombasa has seen cargo volumes continue to increase daily to stand at over 1.3 Million TEUs (Twenty-foot equivalent) per day making it very difficult for only 10, 000 trucks available in the Kenyan market to fully satisfy this growing demand which is leading to delays, penalties and disgruntled customers.



David Indeje is Khusoko’s Digital Editor, covering East African markets.

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