Alex Eaton Wins Global Innovation Award at The World Economic Forum

Alex Eaton Wins Global Innovation Award at The World Economic Forum

Alex Eaton  speaking at the Schwab Foundation Annual Summit 2019; New York, USA 21 - 22 September 2019

Alex Eaton, Co-founder,, a biogas social enterprise for small-holder farmers, received two international awards during the UN General Assembly in New York, as a recognition of his work to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

The company manufactures and distributes high-quality, affordable biodigesters that enable farmers around the world to convert waste into energy and fertilizer. By providing flexible interest-free repayment plans and comprehensive monitoring services, it works with farmers to ensure they become more sustainable, independent, and productive. 

At the 2019 World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Development Impact Summit, Eaton received a 2019 Social Entrepreneur award granted by the Schwab Foundation. For the last two decades, The Schwab Foundation has curated and gathered over 350 leading social entrepreneurs from 70 countries. 

“The 2019 awardees represent a new ecosystem of leaders who are driving change and shifting organizations and systems towards a more just, inclusive, sustainable future” – said François Bonnici, Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

The enterprise operates globally with the potential to bring clean-energy and sustainable agricultural practices to 2 billion farmers.  

“Farmers are net consumers of energy, but they could actually be producers of clean energy for our communities, and their farms could collectively be the largest carbon sink on the hearth,” said Eaton during the award ceremony. 

“The future is on farmers’ hands; they only need the appropriate technology and tools and they will make us reach the global goals. This award is a recognition for, but mainly for farmers’ work and an invitation for all to support us to change their lives.”

In Kenya, the company has sold over 3000 biodigesters to farmers in different parts of Kenya. This is mainly in Kiambu, Kericho, Meru and Eldoret Uasin Gishu counties with the help of the Global Commercial Director Mr. Cedric Todwell, a Kenyan.

Selected as one of the seven leaders representing the policy, business, and finance sectors, Eaton participated in the Seven-for 7 Forum, which recognizes leadership driving actions on Sustainable Development Goal 7 case illustrates real and tangible actions being taken, the impact, and the benefits.  

Seven- for-7 forum is annually produced by Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), in partnership with Ashden.

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