Jane Marriott, British Envoy to Support Kenya in Combating Violent Extremism and Terrorism

Jane Marriott, British Envoy to Support Kenya in Combating Violent Extremism and Terrorism

British High Commissioner to Nairobi, Jane Marriott presented her credentials to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday to replace her predecessor Nic Hailey whose five-year tenure ended in June.

“We stand today as two vibrant and modern countries, crucial to the success of our respective regions and with important roles in the Commonwealth and in supporting the rules-based international system,” Ms. Marriott said.

She was among 11 envoys who presented credentials to Kenya’s head of state.



Also reporting for duty was the new European Union Delegation Ambassador to Kenya, Simon Mordue, who replaces Antonio Stefan Dejak.

Other envoys who presented their credentials to President Kenyatta included Dimitrios Zavoritis (Greece), Winpeg Moyo (Zimbabwe), Saqtain Syedah (Pakistan) and Martin Klepetko (Czech Republic).

The President also received credentials from Ambassador Oded Joseph of Israel and Jean Bosco Barege of Burundi as well as three non-permanent envoys including Toba Sebade (Togo), Sulayman Aliu (Gambia) and Hermann Immongault (Gabon).

The envoy from Greece said his country will support Kenya’s bid for the UNSC seat as he called for Kenya’s reciprocal support for Greece’s bid for one of the non-permanent UNSC seats in 2024.

The envoys from the EU, UK, Israel, Pakistan, Togo, Burundi, Czech Republic Gabon and Gambia said Kenya is a strategic partner for their countries and that they will continue to support Kenya’s security interests.

The new UK High Commissioner said she will work to deliver a stronger and mutually beneficial security and defence partnership with Kenya especially in combating violent extremism and terrorism.

“I would also like to pay our respects to the continued commitment and sacrifice of your security and defence forces and society leaders who fight against extremism and terrorism,” said High Commissioner Marriot.

She said the UK is committed in supporting Kenya’s Big Four Agenda, adding that the Africa Investment Summit 2020 that will be held in London provides further impetus to support Africa’s development agenda and create dynamic business environment.

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