Glovo Partners with Java House Africa, Zucchini Greengrocers, Naivas For home Delivery Service

Oscar Pierre, CEO and Co-founder of Glovo announced as part of Glovo’s strategic expansion in Africa and Eastern Europe in the next two years.

A Glover in the the streets of Nairobi I Khusoko

Spanish on-demand delivery firm Glovo, has onboarded Java House, Naivas Supermarket, Zucchini Greengrocers and Onn The Way Supermarket to increase the number of people accessing its services across strategic business fields.

William Benthall, Glovo’s General Manager for Kenya, said that the partnerships will greatly benefit consumers of Glovo’s service, enabling them to interact with their favourite brands at the tap of a button.

“In the long run these partnerships will help us achieve our broader strategy of being a single platform for all our customer’s needs and deliveries,”  said Benthall.

Since its entry into the Kenyan Market in January this year, Glovo has partnered with top brands and franchises like Simbisa Brands, (operators of Pizza Inn, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Galitos). The App’s unique value proposition allows consumers to order virtually anything that can fit on the back of a bike for delivery. 


In Africa, Glovo currently operates in Kenya, Morocco, Egypt and Ivory Coast with plans to expand to Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania.