How Bob Collymore Might Have Foretold his Tenure Extension

Bob Collymore Might Have Foretold his Tenure Extension

From Left: Safaricom chief financial officer Sateesh Kamath, Bob CollyMore, CEO and Nicholas Nganga Chairman

The chief executive of Safaricom, Bob Collymore might have had a premonition that his tenure would be extended.

On Thursday,  he told reporters that he was there to stay until 2020.

But how?

Collymore might have given a hint when the telco announced its 2019 Full Year Results in May when he spoke about 5G networks as the next generation of mobile internet connectivity.

He said the telco would go into 5 G but not in 2019, “But, do not expect me to stand here next year and talk about 5G,” he said amidst laughter from the audience who were aware that his tenure was due to end.


According to Collymore, out of its over 31 million customers, only 10 million owned smartphones.

As a result, he said they will invest over Ksh 36 billion to double their 4G network coverage to 5,000 base stations by March 2020 through an additional 2,030 LTE and LTE-Advanced (‘4G+’) base stations.

“For a majority of Kenyans, the mobile phone is often the first and only link to the Internet. By broadening our 4G coverage to almost anyone in the country, we aim to ensure that no one has to miss an opportunity or get left out because of lack of access to affordable, quality, high-speed broadband,” said CEO Bob Collymore.