Kenya’s April Inflation Skyrockets to 6.58pc on Food, Fuel Costs

Kenya’s April Inflation Skyrockets to 6.58pc

Kenya’s inflation in April soared to 6.58% in April attributed to increasing food prices by the statistics body.

“Sifted maize flour, kales, potatoes, loose maize grains and flour and tomatoes recorded increases of 29.82, 25.30, 19.2726.1415.90 and 15.31 respectively, in April compared to March 2019,’’ said the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on Tuesday.

“These six items alone account for 6.25% of the CPI weight. However, prices of sugar and some other food items were observed to be lower in April 2019 than in March 2019,” it added.

This is a 2.13% rise compared to 4.35% reported in March.

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