Uber Riders in Kenya and Uganda Can Tip Drivers for Excellent Service

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Taxi-hailing firm, Uber, has unveiled a new tipping feature for its riders to do more than just rate drivers, but show their appreciation through tips for excellent service.

Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber in Sub Saharan Africa said all tips from riders and eaters will go directly to drivers and Uber will not deduct any service fees from the tips.

“Driving and delivering food is more than just getting people and food from point A to B. Every day, our driver-partners and delivery-partners do their best to make our riders and eaters lives easier – from getting them to that big business meeting, or delivering a meal for them at the end of a long day – they do it all. Which is why improving their experience continues to be a key priority for us,” said Lits.

The tipping feature comes as a result of the feedback Uber has received from driver-partners and delivery-partners through various engagement sessions.

“With this feature, Uber is providing an avenue that will enable those driver-partners and delivery-partners that often go above and beyond for riders and eaters get recognised and rewarded. This could be the driver that waits for riders to safely enter their home or one who works hard to ensure that a meal is delivered in good time,” said Lits.


The new tipping feature will be optional and riders and eaters will be given optional tip values as well as an option to customise an amount for their driver.

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