Kenya Breweries Awarded as the Most Energy Efficient Industry in 2019

Kenya Breweries the overall winners at the 2019 Energy Management Awards

Kenya Breweries Ltd, emerged the overall winner 2019 Energy Management Awards winner as a company ensuring energy efficiency by the Kenyan Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

It won four other awards – Electricity Savings Large Consumer, Fuel Savings Large Consumer, Energy Innovation and Best Energy Management Team.

The brewer also was the runners up in the water efficiency category.

East African Breweries Limited, through its Twitter feed, said “Through efficient energy use, we believe that we will continue to thrive as a business!

KBL Supply Chain Director Patrick Kamugi encouraged manufacturers to continue prioritizing energy efficiency.

“Ensuring access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all in line with SDG 7 is crucial to achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals. As manufacturing companies, we must commit to promoting and supporting energy stewardship in our supply chains by focusing on energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy management,” said Kamugi.

Tata Chemicals and Mombasa Cement were nominated within the same category.

Mr. Sachen Gudka, chairperson KAM, said the Energy Management Awards has been a signature event on the KAM’s calendar since its inception in 2004.

“Our main objective has been to promote, recognize and drive energy efficiency and conservation with a view to conserve the environment and manage energy costs.”He added that “Energy cost and availability have always been central to industrial growth and consequently, sustained economic development for many countries around the world.”

He emphasized that electricity is one of the main inputs in the manufacturing process with sectors such as metal and cement manufacturers being the highest consumers of electricity.

“For us to achieve any substantial and long-lasting economic impact for Kenya, we must position the issue of affordable and efficient use of energy at the center of our development discourse.”

The Ministry of Energy represented by Eng. John Mosonik, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum, said the 2012 Energy Management Regulations provide for robust energy consumption rating, energy audits, energy investment plan, and energy conservation to enhance the sustainable utilization of energy resources.

“This has resulted in the setting of electrical energy saving target of up to 647 Gigawatt hours annually and thermal energy saving targets of up to 884,300 MJ (megajoules) per year.”

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KAM Chair Mr. Sachen Gudka noted that the main objective of the Energy Management Awards is to promote, recognize and drive energy efficiency and conservation with a view to conserve the environment and manage energy costs.

“Energy efficiency and process optimization are the biggest sources of CO2 emissions abatement in the industrial sector. The slow progress in developing new and implementing existing energy efficiency policies and measures is attributed to its limited improvement.

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