3rd December 2022

Kenya’s Peter Tabichi wins 2019 Global Teacher Prize

Kenyan teacher scoops 2019 Global Teacher award

Peter Tabichi (centre) dressed in dark brown robe I Courtesy

Peter Tabichi, a maths and physics teacher at Keriko Secondary School, Nakuru County, Kenya, has won this year’s $1m Global Teacher Prize in Dubai.

According to Varkey Foundation, Global Teacher Prize awards ‘real superheroes’ who are real champions for change, inspiring millions of learners across the globe.

In the recognition, Mr. Tabichi is recognised for his contributions as a science teacher who gives away 80 percent of his monthly income to help the poor.

“His dedication, hard work and passionate belief in his student’s talent has led his poorly-resourced school in remote rural Kenya to emerge victorious after taking on the country’s best schools in national science competitions,” global teacher prize noted.

His efforts of nurturing the students in the Science Club, propelling them to national and international engineering fairs, has earned his students an award from The Royal Society of Chemistry.

“Despite teaching in a school with only one desktop computer with an intermittent connection, Peter uses ICT in 80 percent of his lessons to engage students, visiting internet cafes and caching online content to be used offline in class,” read’s Mr Tabichi’s tribute.

He was chosen from 10 finalists.

Accepting the prize, Tabichi said: “I accept this recognition on behalf of all the hard-working teachers around the world who are transforming the lives of others.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta sent a video message to the ceremony congratulating Tabichi.

“You are a shining example of what the human spirit can achieve; not just for Kenya; not just for Africa; but for the whole world. Peter, you chose to teach in a remote part of Kenya at Keriko mixed day secondary school and you chose to transform lives in such a situation. You give me faith that Africa’s best days are ahead of us and your story will light the way for future generations.”