Militant attack at Riverside, Nairobi over as it claims 14 lives

US Embassy in Kenya Issues Security Alert for Nairobi City

Tuesdays’ terrorist attack at Nairobi’s upscale 14 Riverside Drive claimed 14 lives and over 700 being safely evacuated President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Wednesday.

“The country has lost 14 innocent people in this terror attack. We wish the injured quick recovery, and as a nation, we will continue to pray for them,” said the Head of State.

“We are a country governed by laws and rules and regulations. We believe in these principles even in the face of adversity,” he said.

Among the fifteen dead, identification papers indicated that 11 were Kenyan, one was American and one was British.

President Kenyatta said the security operation was over and all the “terrorists” involved had been killed.

“From the means available to the security services and judicial arms, we will continue taking every step to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks,” added Kenyatta.

14 Riverside is home to a myriad of offices, hotels, and luxurious apartments.

“Throughout the breadth of Kenya and in our immediate neighborhood, multiple security efforts are under way to detect, deter, disrupt and defeat any terrorist operatives or groups,” Kenyatta said. “In the coming days and weeks we shall continue the never-ending work to strengthen our systems.”

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