YZ-ME- Sanitary products’ dispenser wins Ksh 1mn Sinapis Business Plan Competition

Sinapis Group 2018 Winner

YZ-ME International, sanitary product’s dispenser  Kenyan startup won Ksh 1,000,000 capital injection for her business at the 2018 Sinapis Business Plan Competition.

Ms.Lynda Njeru, the co-founder on receiving the seed money for the business said, the inspiration to begin YZ-ME began on a long haul flight during which she urgently needed a sanitary pad and was unable to easily find anything.

Lynda decided to start a company that provides sanitary products, wipes and baby diapers in small quantities via vending machines.

This was the 5th business competition being organised by Sinapis hitting 1,000 SMEs who have been trained since inception.

The Annual Business Plan Competition award honors outstanding entrepreneurs from the program.

The winner receives $10,000 (Ksh1,000,000) in grant-based seed capital, and proceeds to join Sinapis’ Fast Track Fellows Program (FTFP) together with other outstanding finalists.

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