Kenya’s Pwani Oil expands with Rainbow acquisition

Pwani Oil Products has further expanded its market share home care category after acquiring Rainbow detergent soap brand from Match Masters Limited.
Rajul Malde, Pwani Oils Commercial Director Rajul says the company is seeking to grow its home care category by expanding its consumer base with products packaged and priced for different consumer segments including low income households.
“This acquisition will enable us to grow our soaps and the home care category as well as give our customers a wide variety to choose from. This is part of our expansion strategy to offer products that meet customer aspirations across diverse consumer segments,” said Malde.
The acquisition will also enable Pwani Oils to further diversify its consumer portfolio where it is currently strong in the edible oils segment with its flagship products Fresh Fri and Salit. Personal care products include Diva and Sawa soap brands.
In 2017, Pwani Oils launched Whitewash a laundry bar soap that contains both washing powder and fabric softener.
“Our value proposition is to offer consumers products that are affordable and meet their expectations,” explained Malde.
Founded in 1981, Pwani Oil is one of the largest edible oils and fats, laundry and toilet soap manufacturers in the region.

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