Nigeria’s Fatu Ogwuche Joins Facebook as Politics, Govt Outreach Manager for Africa

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Nigeria’s Fatu Ogwuche has joined Facebook London to serve as politics, government outreach manager for Africa.
She will be in charge of 48 countries.
“Grateful that I get to do the work of my soul, that I get to work with badass folks who are aligned with their purpose. So, as I begin this new adventure with Facebook, I am reminded that I’m surrounded by so much love, great friends, beauty, joy in abundance, and I’m totally totally surrendering to the future,” she says.

According to her Linkedin page, Fatu is an elections and technology consultant and a Mandela Washington Fellow with expertise in developing technology for elections and situation rooms.
On the Young African Leaders Initiative website, she says “Elections have been an intriguing part of my life for a long time; I believe that the first step to a great democracy is credible elections. I’ve done a lot of work around elections in Africa, developing tools for technology and improving electoral processes. It has come to be my life’s passion and a career that I’m deeply committed to.”
She was instrumental in establishing the INEC Citizens Contact Centre (ICCC) at Nigeria’s Electoral Commission, where she developed strategies for citizen engagement using technology and new media. She created partnerships with tech giants Twitter and Facebook to advance citizen engagement and encourage participation in the electoral process.

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