3rd December 2022

Internet services key driver for Liquid Telecom business growth

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Liquid Telecom Kenya sees strong growth in business internet services, which accounted for 56% of total sales in 2017, compared with 47% the year before., according to its second 2018 sustainability report.
The report revealed that internal reorganisation and value initiatives have helped drive the company’s rapid revenue and profit growth to achieve consistently strong sales growth of 20% a year.
“We believe the strength of this business performance reflects the better value and wider range of services we have been able to offer as a result of the financial, transparency and efficiency gains from our sustainability initiatives,” said Adil Youssefi, Regional CEO of East Africa, Liquid Telecom.
Part of its commitment to sustainability include the adoption of KEPSA’s Code of Business Ethics to eliminate conflicts of interest, upholding business integrity, efficient use of resources and reducing its environment impact.
The telco has cut its reliance on dirty fuel by 35% achieved by installing solar panels, deploying voltage regulators on generators and building a power substation to reduce diesel use triggered by grid electricity outages.
The company also undertook an internal audit of suppliers to achieve improvements in the value delivered and introduced tougher measures to eliminate and prevent conflicts of interest and inappropriate pricing. The overhaul led to substantial savings.
“As a recognised innovator and ISP of choice in the Kenyan telecoms market, we believe that our ongoing commitment to building a strong and socially responsible business is, furthermore, delivering accelerated economic development for Kenya as well as expanded job opportunities for the youth,” said Ben Roberts, Chairman of Liquid Telecom Kenya.
Other initiatives carried out by Liquid Telecom Kenya in the last 12 months include:
A ground-breaking 10-year partnership with Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO), which will enable Liquid Telecom Kenya to operate KETRACO’s Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) fibre cable and expand East Africa’s internet network.