Telkom to lay off 500 employees in a strategic transformation phase

Telkom to lay off 500 employees in a strategic transformation phase

Telkom Kenya is embarking on a transformation phase to align its cost structure and skills-sets that will include laying off an estimated 500, with those affected being notified with a 30 day notice.

In a statement issued on Friday, the telco attributes the decision to business growth and sustainability “To enable Telkom to invest more into the growth and sustainability of its business, it must align its cost structure and skill-set with its Strategy.

This requires Telkom to restructure its business, and as a result, this will impact the current and long-term needs of its workforce. This restructuring will enable Telkom to not only invest in its business but more importantly in its people.”

On the total number of the workforce at the telco, George Mlaghui, Chief Corporate Communications Officer responded to Khusoko’s inquiry via mail “Telkom’s staff complement is 1,400.” 

This means, after the layoff, it will remain with 900 employees.

The telco said it is adapting to market dynamics and changing consumer demands, and it will ensure it delivers relevant and competitive products and services. “This will also ensure that Telkom becomes a stronger player in the market and grows its relationship with its business partners.”

Since 2016, Telkom has rebranded, invested KSh 14 Billion into its business to expand its network coverage, launched 4G services and its MFS platform, T-kash.

On June 2016, Telkom Kenya went through a change of ownership. Helios Investment Partners, the largest African only Private Equity firm, acquired a 60% stake in Telkom and the Government of Kenya increased its stake from 30% to 40%.

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