Outage: poa! Internet Offers Free Week of Unlimited Access in Kawangware


poa! Internet, the low cost internet provider service will offer unlimited and free internet for seven days in compensation for outage for its Kawangware consumers.

poa! had been experiencing an increasing number of intermittent service issues across Kawangware caused by downtime from its main supplier which was challenged by the scale of growth in poa!’s subscriber base.

However, in the process of changing to a new supplier in September, and converting the original supplier to a secondary backup connection, the company left Kawangware customers without Internet for several hours at a time.

“At the end of September, however, the installation of our second supplier caused a major outage that impacted almost all of Kawangware for many hours, leaving homes without service through the night. This outage does not represent our commitment at poa! to an affordable and reliable internet service,” said Chris Rhodes, poa! Internet’s Chief Operating Officer.

Refunds for Internet outages have been a fraught issue worldwide. Although the Internet is viewed by many as an essential utility, the laws around the world rarely require ISPs to refund for service issues.

In Kenya, however, there is no regulation on consumer refunds on Internet downtime.

“At poa! we appreciate customers’ frustrations when our service goes down, and feel we should share that pain with lost revenues our side, through refunds on subscriptions,” said Chris.

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