UK Commits to Duty, Quota Free Trade With Kenya Post-Brexit

Kenya will retain duty-free and quota-free access for its exports to the United Kingdom post-Brexit.
This was revealed by Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister during her visit to Kenya.  She said she wants a smooth transition in the trading relationship between the two countries. 
“As Britain prepares to leave the European Union we are committed to a smooth transition that ensures continuity in our trading relationship with Kenya, ensuring Kenya retains its duty-free and quota-free access to the UK market,” May said on Thursday.
UK Commits to Duty, Quota Free Trade With Kenya Post-Brexit
President Uhuru Kenyatta in acknowledgment said, “I don’t see Brexit being detrimental to the strong trade ties we already have, and we are seeking to boost that going forward.”
European Union for its products, its trade minister said on Thursday, reassuring exporters who feared problems in clinching a deal between the EU and the East African Community could lead to tariffs.
Photo/ Courtesy: Workers in the grading hall of Harvest Limited Athi River flower farm. They defoliate, size, bunch, and pack the bouquets. Harvest Ltd has been Fairtrade certified since 2011.

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